Advanced ROS Technology List

TomoTherapy® Hi-Art System®

Advanced ROS is the first facility in the Northeastern U.S. to offer TomoTherapy, which delivers the most effective treatment with the fewest side effects of any radiation therapy technique available in the world. It integrates CT imaging and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy into the same treatment machine. Unlike conventional linear accelerators that only deliver treatment from a few fixed locations, the system can treat cancer from all 360 degrees as it rotates around the patient. It also enables radiation oncologists to compare planned radiation doses with actual doses so that adjustments can be made at the time of treatment. Tomotherapy’s extreme precision enables us to deliver high levels of radiation only to the areas that need it. For more information about TomoTherapy, click here.

Varian Clinac 2100C Linear Accelerator

This machine accurately and quickly delivers high-energy photons and electrons, providing an excellent method for treating deep-seated tumors (using photons), as well as superficial tumors (using electrons).

p-Reference Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery System

This system is superior to others in that it offers immobilization and precise treatment of brain cancers without the use of an uncomfortable head frame bolted to the patient’s skull. The system’s specialized treatment planning software calculates the precise location of the target based on the location of three permanent gold bb’s used as reference points. Using these coordinates, the patient is aligned for each treatment with millimeter accuracy and thus treated effectively with minimal discomfort.

GE Highlight Advantage CT Scanner

CT simulation replaces conventional two-dimensional x-ray simulation and provides us with cross-sectional images of a patient’s anatomy that are used to determine the exact location, shape and size of tumors as well as surrounding normal tissues and organs. This improved accuracy has a positive impact on treatment outcome.

ADAC 3-D Treatment Planning System with Smart Sim
Corvus IMRT Treatment Planning System

3D treatment planning enables a higher accuracy and less likelihood of damage to normal tissue than conventional planning. Information from a CT scan of the patient in actual treatment position is transferred to the computer’s planning system. The physician defines both tumor and normal tissues on each CT slice (every 3 to 5 mm), and then the computer reconstructs the site in three dimensions. The Advanced ROS physics staff and physicians use this information to determine the size, shape, number, and characteristics of the radiation beams most appropriate for treatment. The final result is a unique treatment plan designed to deliver a lethal amount of radiation to the cancer while minimizing the amount of radiation to normal tissue.

NOMOS B-Mode Acquisition and Targeting (BAT)

This is an image-guided system that when integrated with our ADAC Treatment Planning System and a linear accelerator permits the radiation therapist to make daily adjustments in patient position to account for internal movement of organs. Radiation can then be directed at the smallest possible area with improved accuracy, minimizing side effects and radiation to normal tissue. Advanced ROS was the first facility in Rockland County and only the second in New York State to offer this type of equipment.

Varian VariSource High Dose Rate (HDR) Remote Afterloader

The Afterloader machine enables delivery of High Dose Rate brachytherapy in the shortest possible time, usually minutes, by using a small, high-activity, computer-controlled radioactive seed that is passed through a catheter and directed at tumors in the lung, esophagus, prostate and others. This technology offers the convenience of outpatient treatment for some patients, in contrast to Low Dose Rate (LDR) brachytherapy which often requires a 2-3 day hospitalization due to the extended treatment times required.