Personal Stories

A lot has changed since the mid-20th Century, when a diagnosis of cancer usually amounted to a death sentence. Many cancers are curable or controllable today, due in large measure to advances in Radiation Oncology. Advanced ROS patients have the advantage of top-tier physicians experienced in the use of the latest techniques and technologies that maximize treatment effectiveness and minimize side effects.

Meet just a few of our patients and read about their own experiences with cancer and treatment. Our patients are all unique, but their success stories are not. We see them every day.

"Gut Feeling"
“I do recall the exact day. I felt a lump; a little tiny one in my right breast,” says Frances Ferris, of Pearl River."
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“I’m not good in the way of regular check-ups, so it was probably fortuitous,” figures Lee Michalsky.
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"Angels, Here on Earth "
“To some, this might just be an old cliché, but to me it’s reality. "
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