In Our Patients’ Words

To Our Patients: Here are just a few of the thoughts and messages we have received from you about your time at Advanced ROS. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your trust and approval mean everything to us. To get to know you, to care for you and to help you is our greatest privilege. You inspire us every day, and we wish you all the best. -- The Advanced ROS Therapy Team

“You are a beautiful, loving and caring bunch of people – the best!” (patient survey)

“Dear Staff: My husband and I would like to thank you for your wonderful way of caring for your patients. For the past six weeks that E. has been coming to you, he always tells me how great you have taken care of him, and always with smiles on your faces. I know that each one of you has had something to do with his recovery. God bless you and keep up the good work.” (patient letter)

“My main concern was the results of my treatment, which was successful. I’m extremely pleased.” (patient survey)

“To Everyone that worked with me: I want to thank you for putting up with me. You are the greatest people I have ever met. The three most special men in the world are Andrew, Stafford and Freddy. Keep up the good work. I want to thank you for all the things you did for me when I was feeling down. You guys pick me up. You’ll always be special to me and I will keep in touch.” (patient letter)

“Giving the Very Best Care” (a letter to the editor of The Journal News)
I am writing to say what a wonderful experience I had at Advanced ROS. I was there for 30 radiation treatments following surgery for breast cancer. The facilities are new, light and comfortable and easily accessed without going through the hospital, with a parking lot right by the door. I was greeted by name when I arrived and offered a cup of tea. I never had to wait and was usually in and out within 10 minutes. The staff was extraordinary, obviously well-trained to use their new, what looked like science fiction equipment. They certainly have a great reputation. Dr. Margaret Torrey supervised my treatment carefully and kindly, checking my progress weekly and she was always available for questions. The radiation therapists were friendly and gentle as well as thoroughly capable. In fact, although I am happy to have finished my treatment, I will really miss seeing everyone there.” (G.K. Palisades, NY)

“Dear Dr. Torrey & Staff:
Day 33
Has finally come to be!
As we travel along life’s way,
we take many paths for varying lengths of stay.
My visits here were helped by all,
a memorable way to spend the Fall!
Many thanks for all you do,
Many thanks to all of you.”
(patient poem)

“I could not be more pleased with your professionalism, patience and excellent customer service. I have shared these thoughts with my other doctors.” (patient survey)

“This is the best medical office I have ever been in.” (patient survey)

“Dear Dr. Gerstley: Over the last few years I’ve had to deal with many doctors. Some good, some not so good. I want to thank you for being exceptional. Your office is well organized and friendly. But most of all you kept us informed and were always available to answer our questions. A special thanks to your wonderful staff.” (patient letter)

“To Everyone: I’m walking away. Hooray! Thanks to everyone for your care, kindness and patience. You made a scary time easier with your smiles and friendship.” (patient letter)

Advanced ROS Just the Best (a letter to the editor of The Journal News)
“This is a thank you letter to the staff of Advanced ROS in Nyack. On behalf of my husband, A.M., and myself, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent care we received. We were overwhelmed by the concern your staff showed us every time we walked through your door. We expected to be treated with concern, however your staff went above and beyond their everyday routine to make sure that we were always comfortable and relaxed. Thank you very much for making what could have been a very stressful time in our lives bearable.” (Mr. and Mrs. A.M., Stony Point, NY)

“Your entire staff has been courteous, helpful and most professional and they all made me feel like I am a human being. I was treated with the utmost respect. That’s very important.” (patient survey)

“This is a very well-run radiation oncology service. The doctors, nurses, therapists, office staff and other patients, whom I thought were wonderful, all made my daily treatments that much more comforting.” (patient survey)

“The staff are open, obviously warm and in some cases, fun! This helps to make the experience as pleasant as possible” (patient survey)

“I want to emphasize how courteous and helpful everyone was, something not often encountered in a medical facility. Especially notable was the kindness and understanding of the therapists.” (patient survey)

“Your staff is so caring and the atmosphere so pleasant. You welcomed me with lots of love. God Bless All of You.” (patient survey)