Angels, Here on Earth
by Lina Martinez

“To some, this might just be an old cliché, but to me it’s reality. When one has been diagnosed with cancer, at whatever state it’s in or wherever it’s located, it is the most frightening report to receive from a doctor.”

“Upon being diagnosed, I knew I had to trust the judgment of those physicians God had placed around me. Someone else might have run around getting all kinds of opinions, seeking doctors in New York City, assuming that they are more capable than our physicians here. Well, I must have been one blessed lady. For I know that I was, and I am, surrounding by the BEST”

“Advanced ROS and the Cancer Center at Nyack Hospital provided me with compassionate, experienced, courteous and caring service. The physicians working there gave me the most up-to-date and personalized treatment for my illness. The clinical and support staff stepped up to the plate by providing compassion, support, a hand to rest on and shoulder to cry on, but mostly, a consistent measure of superior clinical service.”

“The Women’s Wellness Center gives women the opportunity to handle those personal issues that one faces after having gone though chemotherapy, radiation or other treatment. They are really a professional team and ready to help you out with whatever you need.”

“So, when I say “Angels here on Earth”, that’s exactly what all these people have been to me. Dr. James Gerstley, Dr. Margaret Torrey, Dr. Ephraim Resnick, Dr. Jonathan Jakus, Dr. Robert Goldberg and Dr. Anna Mathew, Dr. Neale Kane and others – all have been my LifeSavers. Plus Michelle, Patty, Marilyn, Christine; Tootie, Andrew, Stafford, Joan and Michelle, Elaine, Nancy, Debbie and so many others, they have seen me through each step. I hold you up in my prayers. You are a blessing!”

“They say that Angels here on Earth have their wings folded on the inside (under their lab coats…(smile). I haven’t seen any feathers fall or rays of light break forth from their hands, but I know God in His Grace has placed them alongside of me, to see me through this time in my life. And to my Family and all my Babies (Nephews and Niece), plus my very loving and supportive church families, neighbors, friends and co-workers. You truly have been my heartbeat.”

“CANCER. It’s nothing you can’t beat, if you have a team behind you like this one. Are you are going to cry sometimes? Yes. Laugh sometimes? Yes. But it helps having wings like these to hold you up. There are truly…Angels…here on Earth!”

Lina Martinez
West Haverstraw, NY